A bank where personal service is principal. With Demolium intercontinental bank unmatched ability to offer all the banking services that are expected from a large institution, Demolium intercontinental bank firmly believes in one-to-one relationships with its clients. Whether you want a current account, a loan, or to save, at Demolium intercontinental bank we can offer you a product that suits your specific needs.


We offer various types of accounts that are suitable for all businesses from start-ups, SMEs to large corporates. In addition to local currency accounts, the following accounts can also be opened in all major currencies such as CHF, USD, EURO, GBP, CAD and JPY.

  • Current Account
  • Time Deposit Account
  • Call Deposit Account


Perhaps you want to make a short-term deposit to ensure security of cash with interest for a period ranging from one to seven days, one month or one year. In this case our Savings, Time Deposit and Call deposit accounts are just what your business needs.

Get the convenience of instant withdrawals through our Call Deposit Account and make short notice withdrawals from your Time Deposits. Whatever you choose, we offer attractive interest rates with a high degree of security.


Our secure online banking platform, PR-DEMOLIUMonline gives you total control of your account. Delegate authority through Login Management, transfer funds locally or internationally at highly competitive rates, have immediate access to your SWIFT messages, manage your entire trade finance cycle online, pay your staff salaries seamlessly, view and download real-time account information and so much more.

PR-DEMOLIUM online services are unique, cost-effective and unmatched – over 120 different online banking services

  •  PR-DEMOLIUM online cms – make secure third party payments at your convenience.
  •  PR-DEMOLIUM online elc – manage your trade finance activities online.
  •  PR-DEMOLIUM online efx – trade currencies in real-time.
  • Multiple log-in management allowing controlled access to multiple authorized users.
  • Push banking service is an event-driven system – receive SMS alerts for the transaction of your choice.
  • eStatement – receive your statement of accounts via secure email
  • View and download real-time account history in either Excel™/XML
  • View all your accounts centrally

Manage and monitor your account 24/7 via our secure, eBanking platform.